Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So ends another Little 500 season. It was rough to say the least, but much was learned from the season. End of story, let's move on. I have been dealing with medical issues and am not allowed on the bike for now, though on the bright side I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow that should clear me to start riding as of Saturday.

Debut, commencement...the beginning. This begins my road season, and it is going to be very different from last year. Last year I peaked as a category 4 cyclist, competing in 20 races and finishing in the top ten 18 times. This year is going to be a cold smack in the face. I have moved up to category 3, and will be spending most of the season racing in category 1, 2, 3 races with women who have been at this much longer than I. The goal for this year isn't to win, it is to begin, and to just plain survive. At the end of the season, rather than peaking for the state championships, I will be peaking for a regional development camp. I am on the older end of the athletes who attend these camps, at 21 I am almost ineligible so I can expect a week of getting my butt kicked by a bunch of teenage boys. Oh joy.

All in all though that is the focus this year, get better, work hard, win if I can. The expectations are different but in some ways the stakes are higher. Regardless I have to begin, my time is now.