Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bad News Comes in Pairs

Today was rough, no way around it. After three months of putting my body through hell and medical treatments, I went in for routine tests that ended up anything but routine.

The scar tissue that had built up around my intestines  due to the RCD was supposed to decrease as my immune system became compromised, allowing it to heal without being attacked. Unfortunately, although my white blood cell count is incredibly low, the scar tissue has only proceeded to grow. The doctors at the point think it is likely growing on its own, rather than being caused by the immune system attacking it.

They're giving it until January and if it does not reduce in size the next step is to operate.

I finish school in four weeks and go home to Bloomington shortly after that for a long two weeks away from work before heading to Austin, TX for cyclocross nationals. Hopefully I will know more before then.