Saturday, February 28, 2015

One Year in Colorado

I have always enjoyed holidays. Anniversaries. Birthdays. There are so many reasons for this but at the core is the fact that these days stand out. They provide marks in the book of time that we can hold up and look back to. We can see where we are, and where we have come from.

I moved to Colorado a year ago today. At times it seems like yesterday, but often it seems like significantly longer. A year is a long time. Long enough to build fitness and lose it all over again. Long enough for a relationship to fall apart and slowly begin to repair. For a job to be amazing, boring and return to amazing once more.  Long enough for new passions to be kindled and old hobbies to be laid to rest. For distance to seem smaller and for the world to seem not so scary a place. It is long enough for the doors to open and for you to realize that you are not as young as you once felt. It is long enough for health to fail and old wounds to heal. Long enough for a strange new place to become home and a new group of people to become family.

Looking back at the year, there is so much that stands out. Much of it I have written about here, or posted about on twitter and facebook, but much of it has been little moments. Things like recieving an email saying thank you or a phone call from an old mentor now asking your opinion on something. Finding yourself standing on top of a mountain looking out at a world that once seemed to be an immeasurable place. Watching an old dog become young at the sight of snow, or drinking hot chocolate on a winter's day. Walking on a sidewalk and watching someone come towards you in the snow, just knowing that something great was about to happen. These little moments that take your breath away and that seem to happen so much more in Colorado.

I can not wait to see what another year brings.

Standing on top of mountains.

The little moments. 

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