Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Triple Crown of Running: That Stupid Hard Series I Signed Up For

Earlier this spring I was looking for a challenge and a few local races to use as tune ups for the American Discovery Trail marathon in September. Last year I did the half marathon and with Colfax getting switched to a half, ADT seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a full before my 25th birthday. The more I looked at local races, the more that the three legs of the Triple Crown of Running here in Colorado Springs seemed like the perfect fit. I had watched all three legs last year and I knew they would be a challenge, but would also give me something to work towards.

All three races in the Triple Crown are run in Colorado Springs, limiting travel expenses and the stress of extra planning. In addition there is once race each month of the summer leading into the ADT in September, perfect to help keep me on track. However, the Triple Crown also features a very challenging slate of races. The first is the Garden of the Gods Ten Miler with over six distinct climbs. The second is the Summer Roundup 12k, a trail run through Bear Creek Park. The final leg is The Ascent, a half marathon up Pikes Peak using Barr Trail. This is already a notoriously challenging hike with an elevation gain of 7,815 feet, let alone trying to actually run it. Brutal.

The more I think about it the more I wonder 'what in the world did I get myself into?!?' however, I think I needed a new challenge in my life and these three races represent a great one. I view the entire series as tough, but doable, or at least I did until this past Sunday.

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